File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AssemblyInfo.cpp [code]
bandmat.cpp [code]
bench.cpp [code]A benchmark file
cdlBase.h [code]
cdlCOM.cpp [code]
cdlCOM.h [code]
cdlCOMExceptions.h [code]
cdlSocket.cpp [code]
cdlSocket.h [code]
cholesky.cpp [code]
clik.cpp [code]Clik member functions
clik.h [code]Header file for Clik class definitions
commands.cpp [code]
comp_dq.cpp [code]Delta torque (linearized dynamics)
comp_dqp.cpp [code]Delta torque (linearized dynamics)
config.cpp [code]Configuration class functions
config.h [code]Header file for Config class definitions
control.cpp [code]
control_select.cpp [code]Controller selection class
control_select.h [code]Header file for Control_Select class definitions
controller.cpp [code]Differents controllers class
controller.h [code]
controlw.h [code]
cplBase.h [code]
cplSerial.cpp [code]
cplSerial.h [code]
CRC.cpp [code]
CRC.h [code]
delta_t.cpp [code]Delta torque (linearized dynamics)
demo.cpp [code]A demo file
demo_2dof_pd.cpp [code]A demo file
dllexport.h [code]
dynamics.cpp [code]Manipulator dynamics functions
dynamics_sim.cpp [code]Basic dynamics simulation class
dynamics_sim.h [code]Header file for Dynamics definitions
evalue.cpp [code]
example.cpp [code]
include/common/exception.h [code]
lib/kinematics/AnalyticalGuess/include/exception.h [code]
fft.cpp [code]Fast Fourier (Carl de Boor) and trig transforms
garch.cpp [code]
gnugraph.cpp [code]Graphics functions
gnugraph.h [code]Header file for graphics definitions
hholder.cpp [code]
homogen.cpp [code]Homogen transformation functions
ikBase.cpp [code]
ikBase.h [code]
include.h [code]
invkine.cpp [code]Inverse kinematics solutions
jacobi.cpp [code]
Katana6M180.cpp [code]
katana_common.h [code]
KatanaKinematics.h [code]
KatanaKinematics5M180.cpp [code]
KatanaKinematics5M180.h [code]
KatanaKinematics6M180.cpp [code]
KatanaKinematics6M180.h [code]
KatanaKinematics6M90G.cpp [code]
KatanaKinematics6M90G.h [code]
KatanaKinematics6M90T.cpp [code]
KatanaKinematics6M90T.h [code]
lib/kinematics/AnalyticalGuess/src/KatanaKinematicsDecisionAlgorithms.cpp [code]
src/InvKin/KatanaKinematicsDecisionAlgorithms.cpp [code]
include/KNI_InvKin/KatanaKinematicsDecisionAlgorithms.h [code]
lib/kinematics/AnalyticalGuess/include/KatanaKinematicsDecisionAlgorithms.h [code]
demo/common/keyboard.cpp [code]
lib/kinematics/AnalyticalGuess/test/keyboard.cpp [code]
demo/common/keyboard.h [code]
lib/kinematics/AnalyticalGuess/test/keyboard.h [code]
kinemat.cpp [code]Kinematics functions
AnalyticalGuess/src/kinematics.cpp [code]
AnalyticalGuess/test/kinematics.cpp [code]
kinematics.cpp [code]
AnalyticalGuess/include/kinematics.h [code]
kinematics.h [code]
kinematics6M180.cpp [code]
kinematics6M180.h [code]
kinematics6M90G.cpp [code]
kinematics6M90G.h [code]
kinematics6M90T.cpp [code]
kinematics6M90T.h [code]
kmlBase.cpp [code]
kmlBase.h [code]
kmlCommon.h [code]
kmlExt.cpp [code]
kmlExt.h [code]
kmlFactories.cpp [code]
kmlFactories.h [code]
kmlMotBase.cpp [code]
kmlMotBase.h [code]
kmlSctBase.cpp [code]
kmlSctBase.h [code] [code] [code] [code] [code]
kni_test.cpp [code]
kni_wrapper.cpp [code]
kni_wrapper.h [code]
kni_wrapper_demo.cpp [code]
kniBase.h [code]
libKinematics.cpp [code]
include/libKinematics.h [code]
lib/kinematics/libKinematics.h [code]
lmBase.cpp [code]
lmBase.h [code]
include/common/MathHelperFunctions.h [code]
lib/kinematics/AnalyticalGuess/include/MathHelperFunctions.h [code]
myexcept.cpp [code]
myexcept.h [code]
mykni.cpp [code]
newfft.cpp [code]
newmat.h [code]
newmat1.cpp [code]
newmat2.cpp [code]
newmat3.cpp [code]
newmat4.cpp [code]
newmat5.cpp [code]
newmat6.cpp [code]
newmat7.cpp [code]
newmat8.cpp [code]
newmat9.cpp [code]
newmatap.h [code]
newmatex.cpp [code]Exceptions thrown by matrix library
newmatio.h [code]
newmatnl.cpp [code]
newmatnl.h [code]
newmatrc.h [code]
newmatrm.cpp [code]
newmatrm.h [code]
nl_ex.cpp [code]
nm_ex1.cpp [code]
nm_ex2.cpp [code]
nm_misc.cpp [code]
precisio.h [code]
pthread.h [code]
quaternion.cpp [code]
quaternion.h [code]Quaternion class
resource.h [code]
robot.cpp [code]Initialisation of differents robot class
robot.h [code]Robots class definitions
rtest.cpp [code]A test file
sched.h [code]
sensitiv.cpp [code]Delta torque (linearized dynamics)
sl_ex.cpp [code]
solution.cpp [code]
solution.h [code]
sort.cpp [code]
Stdafx.cpp [code]
Stdafx.h [code]
stewart.cpp [code]Initialisation of Stewart platform class
stewart.h [code]Stewart class definitions
submat.cpp [code]
svd.cpp [code]
test_exc.cpp [code]
Timer.cpp [code]
Timer.h [code]
tmt.cpp [code]
tmt.h [code]
tmt1.cpp [code]
tmt2.cpp [code]
tmt3.cpp [code]
tmt4.cpp [code]
tmt5.cpp [code]
tmt6.cpp [code]
tmt7.cpp [code]
tmt8.cpp [code]
tmt9.cpp [code]
tmta.cpp [code]
tmtb.cpp [code]
tmtc.cpp [code]
tmtd.cpp [code]
tmte.cpp [code]
tmtf.cpp [code]
tmtg.cpp [code]
tmth.cpp [code]
tmti.cpp [code]
tmtj.cpp [code]
tmtk.cpp [code]
tmtl.cpp [code]
tmtm.cpp [code]
trajectory.cpp [code]
trajectory.h [code]Header file for trajectory generation class [code]
utils.cpp [code]
utils.h [code]
wrapper_control_demo.cpp [code]

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