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 CCameraPublisherManages advertisements for publishing camera images
 CCameraSubscriberManages a subscription callback on synchronized Image and CameraInfo topics
 CExceptionA base class for all image_transport exceptions inheriting from std::runtime_error
 CImageTransportAdvertise and subscribe to image topics
 CPublisherManages advertisements of multiple transport options on an Image topic
 CPublisherPluginBase class for plugins to Publisher
 CRawPublisherThe default PublisherPlugin
 CRawSubscriberThe default SubscriberPlugin
 CSimplePublisherPluginBase class to simplify implementing most plugins to Publisher
 CSimpleSubscriberPluginBase class to simplify implementing most plugins to Subscriber
 CSingleSubscriberPublisherAllows publication of an image to a single subscriber. Only available inside subscriber connection callbacks
 CSubscriberManages a subscription callback on a specific topic that can be interpreted as an Image topic
 CSubscriberFilterImage subscription filter
 CSubscriberPluginBase class for plugins to Subscriber
 CTransportHintsStores transport settings for an image topic subscription
 CTransportLoadExceptionAn exception class thrown when image_transport is unable to load a requested transport

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