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wg_mailbox.cpp File Reference
#include "ethercat_hardware/wg_mailbox.h"
#include "ethercat_hardware/wg_util.h"
#include "dll/ethercat_device_addressed_telegram.h"
#include "ethercat_hardware/ethercat_device.h"
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struct  ethercat_hardware::WG0XMbxCmd
struct  ethercat_hardware::WG0XMbxHdr




#define ERR_MODE   "\033[41m"
#define ERROR_HDR   "\033[41mERROR\033[0m"
#define GOOD_MODE   "\033[42m"
#define INFO_MODE   "\033[44m"
#define STD_MODE   "\033[0m"
#define WARN_HDR   "\033[43mERROR\033[0m"
#define WARN_MODE   "\033[43m"


enum  ethercat_hardware::MbxCmdType { ethercat_hardware::LOCAL_BUS_READ =1, ethercat_hardware::LOCAL_BUS_WRITE =2 }


struct ethercat_hardware::MotorHeatingModelParameters ethercat_hardware::__attribute__ ((__packed__))
bool build (unsigned address, unsigned length, MbxCmdType type, unsigned seqnum, void const *data)
bool build (unsigned address, unsigned length, MbxCmdType type, unsigned seqnum)
int ethercat_hardware::safe_clock_gettime (clockid_t clk_id, timespec *time)
 error checking wrapper around clock_gettime More...
void ethercat_hardware::safe_usleep (uint32_t usec)
 safe version of usleep. More...
int ethercat_hardware::timediff_ms (const timespec &current, const timespec &start)
 Find difference between two timespec values. More...
void ethercat_hardware::updateIndexAndWkc (EC_Telegram *tg, EC_Logic *logic)
bool verifyChecksum (void) const


union {
   uint16_t   command_
uint16_t address_
uint8_t checksum_
uint8_t data_ [MBX_DATA_SIZE]
WG0XMbxHdr hdr_
uint16_t length_
static const unsigned ethercat_hardware::MBX_DATA_SIZE = (MBX_SIZE - sizeof(WG0XMbxHdr) - 1)
static const unsigned ethercat_hardware::MBX_SIZE = 512
uint16_t seqnum_
uint16_t write_nread_

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ERR_MODE   "\033[41m"

Definition at line 44 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

#define ERROR_HDR   "\033[41mERROR\033[0m"

Definition at line 50 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

#define GOOD_MODE   "\033[42m"

Definition at line 47 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

#define INFO_MODE   "\033[44m"

Definition at line 48 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

#define STD_MODE   "\033[0m"

Definition at line 45 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

#define WARN_HDR   "\033[43mERROR\033[0m"

Definition at line 51 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

#define WARN_MODE   "\033[43m"

Definition at line 46 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

Function Documentation

bool __attribute__::build ( unsigned  address,
unsigned  length,
MbxCmdType  type,
unsigned  seqnum,
void const *  data 
bool __attribute__::build ( unsigned  address,
unsigned  length,
MbxCmdType  type,
unsigned  seqnum 
bool __attribute__::verifyChecksum ( void  ) const

Variable Documentation

union { ... } __attribute__
uint16_t address_

Definition at line 1344 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

uint8_t checksum_

Definition at line 1355 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

uint16_t command_

Definition at line 1347 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

uint8_t data_[MBX_DATA_SIZE]

Definition at line 79 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

WG0XMbxHdr hdr_

Definition at line 78 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

uint16_t length_

Definition at line 63 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

uint16_t seqnum_

Definition at line 64 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

uint16_t write_nread_

Definition at line 65 of file wg_mailbox.cpp.

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