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wg_util.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "ethercat_hardware/ethercat_com.h"
#include "ethercat_hardware/ethercat_device.h"
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struct  ethercat_hardware::SyncMan
struct  ethercat_hardware::SyncManActivate
struct  ethercat_hardware::SyncManControl
struct  ethercat_hardware::SyncManPDIControl
struct  ethercat_hardware::SyncManStatus




struct {
   uint8_t   direction: 2
   uint8_t   ecat_irq_enable: 1
   uint8_t   mode: 2
   uint8_t   pdi_irq_enable: 1
   uint8_t   res1: 1
   uint8_t   watchdog_enable: 1
__attribute__ ((__packed__))
struct ethercat_hardware::MotorHeatingModelParameters ethercat_hardware::__attribute__ ((__packed__))
static unsigned baseAddress (unsigned num)
unsigned ethercat_hardware::wg_util::computeChecksum (void const *data, unsigned length)
bool readData (EthercatCom *com, EtherCAT_SlaveHandler *sh, EthercatDevice::AddrMode addrMode, unsigned num)
unsigned int ethercat_hardware::wg_util::rotateRight8 (unsigned in)
bool writeData (EthercatCom *com, EtherCAT_SlaveHandler *sh, EthercatDevice::AddrMode addrMode, unsigned num) const


SyncManActivate activate
static const unsigned BASE_ADDR =0x806
uint8_t buffer_status
SyncManControl control
uint8_t deactivate
uint8_t direction
uint8_t ecat_irq_enable
uint8_t ecat_latch_event
uint8_t enable
uint8_t interrupt_read
uint8_t interrupt_write
uint16_t length
uint8_t mailbox_status
uint8_t mode
SyncManPDIControl pdi_control
uint8_t pdi_irq_enable
uint8_t pdi_latch_event
uint8_t raw
uint8_t repeat_ack
uint8_t repeat_request
uint8_t res1
uint8_t res2
uint8_t res4
uint8_t res6
uint16_t start_addr
SyncManStatus status
uint8_t watchdog_enable

Function Documentation

struct @24 __attribute__::__attribute__ ( (__packed__)  )
static unsigned baseAddress ( unsigned  num)
bool __attribute__::readData ( EthercatCom com,
EtherCAT_SlaveHandler *  sh,
EthercatDevice::AddrMode  addrMode,
unsigned  num 
bool __attribute__::writeData ( EthercatCom com,
EtherCAT_SlaveHandler *  sh,
EthercatDevice::AddrMode  addrMode,
unsigned  num 
) const

Variable Documentation

SyncManActivate activate

Definition at line 122 of file wg_util.h.

static const unsigned BASE_ADDR =0x806

Definition at line 87 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t buffer_status

Definition at line 70 of file wg_util.h.

SyncManControl control

Definition at line 120 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t deactivate

Definition at line 102 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t direction

Definition at line 49 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t ecat_irq_enable

Definition at line 50 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t ecat_latch_event

Definition at line 87 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t enable

Definition at line 84 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t interrupt_read

Definition at line 67 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t interrupt_write

Definition at line 66 of file wg_util.h.

uint16_t length

Definition at line 119 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t mailbox_status

Definition at line 69 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t mode

Definition at line 48 of file wg_util.h.

SyncManPDIControl pdi_control

Definition at line 123 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t pdi_irq_enable

Definition at line 51 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t pdi_latch_event

Definition at line 88 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t raw

Definition at line 77 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t repeat_ack

Definition at line 103 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t repeat_request

Definition at line 85 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t res1

Definition at line 53 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t res2

Definition at line 71 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t res4

Definition at line 86 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t res6

Definition at line 104 of file wg_util.h.

uint16_t start_addr

Definition at line 118 of file wg_util.h.

SyncManStatus status

Definition at line 121 of file wg_util.h.

uint8_t watchdog_enable

Definition at line 52 of file wg_util.h.

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