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 NSpecialSeqValuesEnumeration of special sequence values that signal the end of trajectory or an immediate stop
 Nlog_wrapperContains macro that wrap standard logging calls. Wrapping logging calls allows libraries to be used inside and outside the ROS framework
 NRobotModesEnumeration mirrors industrial_msgs/RobotMode definition
 NTriStatesEnumeration mirrors industrial_msgs/TriState definition. NOTE: The TS prefix is needed because the ON and TRUE value collide with other defined types on some systems
 Nshared_typesContains platform specific type definitions that guarantee the size of primitive data types
 NCommTypesEnumeration of communications types (supported by all platforms)
 NReplyTypesEnumeration of reply types (supported by all platforms). In cases of success or failure, the return data should include the relevant return info
 NStandardMsgTypesEnumeration of standard message types (supported by all platforms). In addition, each robot interface will support it's own message types
 NStandardSocketPortsEnumeration of standard socket ports (supported by all platforms). These are defined for convenience. Other ports may be used. Additional ports for application specific needs may also be defined

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