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 CHeaderStruct and methods to "organice" printing of csv-Headers
 CLineStruct and methods to "organice" printing of csv-Lines
 CDataReceiverA simple receiver object for handling data streamed by rc_visard's rc_dynamics module
 CRemoteInterfaceSimple remote interface to access the dynamic state estimates of an rc_visard device as data streams
 CDynamicsNotRunningThrown if rc_dynamics is requested to receive dynamics data but component is not running
 CInvalidStateThrown if the current_state response of the dynamics service does not correspond to those in the State struct
 CNotAcceptedThrown if a service call is not accepted
 CNotAvailableThrown if a REST API call is rejected because of 404; i.e. URL not found
 CStateAn enum mirroring the state-machine states enum in rc_dynamics/dynamicsRos.h
 CTooManyRequestsThrown if a REST API call is rejected because of too many requests
 CTooManyStreamDestinationsThrown if too many streams are running already on rc_visard
 CSocketExceptionException representing an invalid socket operation
 CTrackedDataReceiverClass for data stream receivers that are created by this remote interface in order to keep track of created streams
 CUnexpectedReceiveTimeoutException handling cases where actually everything should be fine and rc_visard's dynamic state estimates should be received, but it is not
 CTrajectoryTimeRepresents a time stamp to query the trajectory of rcvisard's slam module

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