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enet_rtcmd_str Struct Reference

#include <strdef.h>


union  rtdata
union  rtdata1
union  rtdata2
union  rtdata3

Public Attributes

uint16_t BitMask
uint16_t BitTop
uint32_t CCount
uint16_t Command
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata dat
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata1 dat1
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata2 dat2
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata3 dat3
uint16_t IoData
uint16_t RecvIOType
uint16_t RecvType
uint16_t RecvType1
uint16_t RecvType2
uint16_t RecvType3
uint16_t SendIOType
uint16_t SendType
uint16_t TCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file strdef.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::BitMask

Definition at line 116 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::BitTop

Definition at line 115 of file strdef.h.

uint32_t enet_rtcmd_str::CCount

Definition at line 119 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::Command

Definition at line 76 of file strdef.h.

union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata enet_rtcmd_str::dat
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata1 enet_rtcmd_str::dat1
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata2 enet_rtcmd_str::dat2
union enet_rtcmd_str::rtdata3 enet_rtcmd_str::dat3
uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::IoData

Definition at line 117 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::RecvIOType

Definition at line 111 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::RecvType

Definition at line 81 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::RecvType1

Definition at line 120 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::RecvType2

Definition at line 127 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::RecvType3

Definition at line 134 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::SendIOType

Definition at line 110 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::SendType

Definition at line 80 of file strdef.h.

uint16_t enet_rtcmd_str::TCount

Definition at line 118 of file strdef.h.

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