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 CCartesianPoseStores values for Cartesian pose motion generation
 CCartesianVelocitiesStores values for Cartesian velocity motion generation
 CCommandExceptionCommandException is thrown if an error occurs during command execution
 CControlExceptionControlException is thrown if an error occurs during motion generation or torque control
 CDurationRepresents a duration with millisecond resolution
 CErrorsEnumerates errors that can occur while controlling a franka::Robot
 CExceptionBase class for all exceptions used by libfranka
 CFinishableHelper type for control and motion generation loops
 CGripperMaintains a network connection to the gripper, provides the current gripper state, and allows the execution of commands
 CGripperStateDescribes the gripper state
 CIncompatibleVersionExceptionIncompatibleVersionException is thrown if the robot does not support this version of libfranka
 CInvalidOperationExceptionInvalidOperationException is thrown if an operation cannot be performed
 CJointPositionsStores values for joint position motion generation
 CJointVelocitiesStores values for joint velocity motion generation
 CModelCalculates poses of joints and dynamic properties of the robot
 CModelExceptionModelException is thrown if an error occurs when loading the model library
 CNetworkExceptionNetworkException is thrown if a connection to the robot cannot be established, or when a timeout occurs
 CProtocolExceptionProtocolException is thrown if the robot returns an incorrect message
 CRealtimeExceptionRealtimeException is thrown if realtime priority cannot be set
 CRecordOne row of the log contains a robot command of timestamp n and a corresponding robot state of timestamp n+1
 CRobotMaintains a network connection to the robot, provides the current robot state, gives access to the model library and allows to control the robot
 CRobotCommandCommand sent to the robot
 CRobotStateDescribes the robot state
 CTorquesStores joint-level torque commands without gravity and friction
 CVirtualWallCuboidParameters of a cuboid used as virtual wall

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