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franka::GripperState Struct Reference

Describes the gripper state. More...

#include <gripper_state.h>

Public Attributes

bool is_grasped {}
 Indicates whether an object is currently grasped. More...
double max_width {}
 Maximum gripper opening width. More...
uint16_t temperature {}
 Current gripper temperature. More...
Duration time {}
 Strictly monotonically increasing timestamp since robot start. More...
double width {}
 Current gripper opening width. More...

Detailed Description

Describes the gripper state.

Definition at line 20 of file gripper_state.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool franka::GripperState::is_grasped {}

Indicates whether an object is currently grasped.

Definition at line 38 of file gripper_state.h.

double franka::GripperState::max_width {}

Maximum gripper opening width.

This parameter is estimated by homing the gripper. After changing the gripper fingers, a homing needs to be done. Unit: $[m]$.

See also

Definition at line 33 of file gripper_state.h.

uint16_t franka::GripperState::temperature {}

Current gripper temperature.

Unit: $[°C]$.

Definition at line 43 of file gripper_state.h.

Duration franka::GripperState::time {}

Strictly monotonically increasing timestamp since robot start.

Definition at line 48 of file gripper_state.h.

double franka::GripperState::width {}

Current gripper opening width.

Unit: $[m]$.

Definition at line 24 of file gripper_state.h.

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