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franka_example_controllers Namespace Reference


class  CartesianImpedanceExampleController
class  CartesianPoseExampleController
class  CartesianVelocityExampleController
class  DualArmCartesianImpedanceExampleController
 Controller class for ros_control that renders two decoupled Cartesian impedances for the tracking of two target poses for the two endeffectors. More...
class  ElbowExampleController
class  ForceExampleController
struct  FrankaDataContainer
 This container holds all data and parameters used to control one panda arm with a Cartesian impedance control law tracking a desired target pose. More...
class  JointImpedanceExampleController
class  JointPositionExampleController
class  JointVelocityExampleController
class  ModelExampleController


void pseudoInverse (const Eigen::MatrixXd &M_, Eigen::MatrixXd &M_pinv_, bool damped=true)

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void franka_example_controllers::pseudoInverse ( const Eigen::MatrixXd &  M_,
Eigen::MatrixXd &  M_pinv_,
bool  damped = true 

Definition at line 16 of file pseudo_inversion.h.

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