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mrpt::graphslam Namespace Reference


namespace  apps
namespace  deciders
namespace  detail
namespace  optimizers


class  CGraphSlamEngine_MR
 mrpt::graphslam::CGraphSlamEngine derived class for executing multi-robot graphSLAM More...
class  CGraphSlamEngine_ROS
 Class template that provides a wrapper around the MRPT CGraphSlamEngine class template and implements methods for interacting with ROS. More...
class  CMapMerger
 Class responsible of the execution of the map_merger_node. More...
class  CRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer_MR
 Interface for implementing deciders/optimizers related to the Condensed Measurements multi-robot graphSLAM algorithm. More...
class  CRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer_ROS
 Interface class that all ROS-specific deciders/optimizers can inherit from. More...
struct  TNeighborAgentMapProps
 Struct holding a COccupancyGridMap2D (as well as subscribers for updating it) for a specific running GraphSlamAgent instance. More...

Author(s): Nikos Koukis
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