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mrpt::graphslam::detail Namespace Reference


class  CConnectionManager
 Class responsible of handling the network communication between SLAM agents in the Multi-Robot graphSLAM algorithm. More...


std::string getGridMapAlignmentResultsAsString (const mrpt::poses::CPosePDF &pdf, const mrpt::slam::CGridMapAligner::TReturnInfo &ret_info)
bool isEssentiallyZero (const mrpt::poses::CPose2D &p)

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std::string mrpt::graphslam::detail::getGridMapAlignmentResultsAsString ( const mrpt::poses::CPosePDF &  pdf,
const mrpt::slam::CGridMapAligner::TReturnInfo &  ret_info 

Definition at line 19 of file common.cpp.

bool mrpt::graphslam::detail::isEssentiallyZero ( const mrpt::poses::CPose2D &  p)

Definition at line 43 of file common.cpp.

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