Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
urdf2graspit::ContactsGenerator::ContactHelper class to encapsulate contact information
urdf2graspit::ContactsGeneratorProvides methods to generate contacts for GraspIt! including an interative viewer
urdf2graspit::ConversionResultOverwrites MeshConvertRecursionParams to include a special transform per link
urdf2graspit::DHParamClass providing functions for conversion from urdf to a model described by denavit-hartenberg parameters
urdf2graspit::FileIOReads and writes URDF and GraspIt! files to disk
urdf2graspit::xmlfuncs::FingerChainA chain of links joined by joints, described in DH parameters
urdf2graspit::markerselector::MarkerSelector::MarkerMarker with x/y/z coordinates and a normal, associated with a link (and visual)
urdf2graspit::markerselector::MarkerSelectorRuns a viewer using the Inventor package and allows to select and save markers on the model
urdf2graspit::OutputStructureReturns the directory structures and file paths to be used to output the GraspIt! files
urdf2graspit::Urdf2GraspItThis class provides functions to transform a robot described in URDF to its description in the GraspIt! format
urdf2graspit::Urdf2GraspItBaseBase class for classes to convert from urdf to the GraspIt! format

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