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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bodies::BodyA body is a shape + its pose. Point inclusion, ray intersection can be tested, volumes and bounding spheres can be computed
bodies::BodyVectorA vector of Body objects
bodies::BoundingCylinderDefinition of a cylinder
bodies::BoundingSphereDefinition of a sphere that bounds another object
bodies::BoxDefinition of a box
shapes::BoxDefinition of a box Aligned with the XYZ axes
shapes::ConeDefinition of a cone Tip is on positive z axis. Center of base is on negative z axis. Origin is halway between tip and center of base
bodies::ConvexMeshDefinition of a convex mesh. Convex hull is computed for a given shape::Mesh
bodies::CylinderDefinition of a cylinder
shapes::CylinderDefinition of a cylinder Length is along z axis. Origin is at center of mass
shapes::MeshDefinition of a triangle mesh By convention the "center" of the shape is at the origin. For a mesh this implies that the AABB of the mesh is centered at the origin. Some methods may not work with arbitrary meshes whose AABB is not centered at the origin
shapes::OcTreeRepresentation of an octomap::OcTree as a Shape
shapes::PlaneDefinition of a plane with equation ax + by + cz + d = 0
shapes::ShapeA basic definition of a shape. Shapes are considered centered at origin
bodies::SphereDefinition of a sphere
shapes::SphereDefinition of a sphere

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