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PilotNode Class Reference

controls the ART vehicle brake, throttle, steering and transmission More...

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Public Member Functions

 PilotNode (ros::NodeHandle node)
void spin (void)

Private Types

< Config

Private Member Functions

void adjustSteering (void)
void halt (void)
void monitorHardware (void)
void processCarCommand (const art_msgs::CarCommand::ConstPtr &msg)
void processCarDrive (const art_msgs::CarDriveStamped::ConstPtr &msg)
void processLearning (const art_msgs::LearningCommand::ConstPtr &learningIn)
void reconfig (Config &newconfig, uint32_t level)
void speedControl (void)
void validateTarget (void)

Private Attributes

< pilot::AccelBase
ros::Subscriber accel_cmd_
< device_interface::DeviceBrake
ros::Subscriber car_cmd_
Config config_
ros::Time current_time_
ros::Time goal_time_
< device_interface::DeviceImu
bool is_shifting_
ros::Subscriber learning_cmd_
< device_interface::DeviceOdom
ros::Publisher pilot_state_
art_msgs::PilotState pstate_msg_
boost::shared_ptr< ReconfigServerreconfig_server_
< device_interface::DeviceShifter
< device_interface::DeviceSteering
< device_interface::DeviceThrottle
ros::Duration timeout_

Detailed Description

controls the ART vehicle brake, throttle, steering and transmission

The pilot receives CarDriveStamped messages from the navigator, then translates them into commands to the servo motor actuators for controlling the speed and direction of the vehicle. It gets odometry information from a separate node.



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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef dynamic_reconfigure::Server<Config> PilotNode::ReconfigServer [private]

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


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Member Function Documentation

void PilotNode::adjustSteering ( void  ) [private]

Adjust steering angle.

We do not use PID control, because the odometry does not provide accurate yaw speed feedback. Instead, we directly compute the corresponding steering angle. We can use open loop control at this level, because navigator monitors our actual course and will request any steering changes needed to reach its goal.

Limit angle actually requested based on current velocity to avoid unsafe high speed turns.

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void PilotNode::halt ( void  ) [private]

halt -- soft version of hardware E-Stop.

The goal is to bring the vehicle to a halt as quickly as possible, while remaining safely under control. Normally, navigator sends gradually declining speed requests when bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop. The only abrupt requests we see are in "emergency" stop situations, when there was a pause request, or no clear path around an obstacle.

The target goal velocity may not always be zero, due to the gear shifting requirements.
Since this function bypasses the normal acceleration controller, it is reset on exit.

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void PilotNode::monitorHardware ( void  ) [private]

monitor hardware status based on current inputs

pstate_msg_ updated to reflect current control hardware status and time of this cycle
Optionally check if no commands received recently.

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CarCommand message callback (now DEPRECATED)

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CarDriveStamped message callback

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void PilotNode::processLearning ( const art_msgs::LearningCommand::ConstPtr learningIn) [private]

LearningCommand message callback (DEPRECATED)

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void PilotNode::reconfig ( Config newconfig,
uint32_t  level 
) [private]

handle dynamic reconfigure service request

newconfignew configuration from dynamic reconfigure client, becomes the service reply message as updated here.
levelSensorLevels value (0xffffffff on initial call)

This is done without any locking because it is called in the same thread as ros::spinOnce() and all the topic subscription callbacks.

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void PilotNode::speedControl ( void  ) [private]

Speed control

Manage the shifter. Inputs are the current and target states. If a gear shift is requested, the vehicle must first be brought to a stop, then one of the transmission shift relays set for one second (then reset), before the vehicle can begin moving in the opposite direction.

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void PilotNode::spin ( void  )

main loop

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void PilotNode::validateTarget ( void  ) [private]

validate target CarDrive values

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Member Data Documentation

boost::shared_ptr<pilot::AccelBase> PilotNode::accel_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<device_interface::DeviceBrake> PilotNode::brake_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<device_interface::DeviceImu> PilotNode::imu_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<device_interface::DeviceOdom> PilotNode::odom_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<ReconfigServer> PilotNode::reconfig_server_ [private]

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