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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
face_contour_detector::AreaParameterChooserWorkerTries to find good parameters (which are threshold1, threshold2, blurwidth) for a given image and mask
face_contour_detector::AutoParameterExplorerThe AutoParameterExplorer tries to find a given target values for an given parameter (doubles) range. For this you have to:
face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector.AutoSelectorThis class is used to generate proposals for filter settings
face_contour_detector.image_information.image_information.AverageValueExtractorSubclass of ImageInformation which extracts several average values
face_contour_detector::Bgr8A simple struct for Bgr8 (3 8-Bit unsigned char values)
face_contour_detector::filters::CannyCanny filter
face_contour_detector::filters::ColorGraphsTakes the result of Canny, and marks the different (not connected) lines with different colors. Note: This is a debug class
face_contour_detector::filters::DebugHighlightThis is a debug class, don't use it!
face_contour_detector::filters::DeleteShortLinesDeletes lines that are shorter than the minLineLength parameter
face_contour_detector::filters::EdgeConnectorTries to connectect edges in an image. Uses an external python ros service (face_contour_detector/ it has different properties than the graph based edge connector and is a bit slower
face_contour_detector::filters::EdgeConnectorGraphBasedTries to connect edges, and uses the ImageForest class
face_contour_detector::filters::FilterFilters a cv::Mat, and provides a list of Parameters, who provides generic interfaces to modify the themself Every filter that wants to be usable by filter::RosService or filter::List should inherit this class
face_contour_detector::filters::GaussianBlurA filter to apply a gaussian blur to a cv::Mat
face_contour_detector::ImageForest::GraphDescribes the properties of a graph
face_contour_detector::ImageForestAllows to read out a list of graphs which are not connected (forests) out of a single channel 8bit cv::Mat
face_contour_detector.image_information.image_information.ImageInformationThis class is an abstract class that defines methods to extract informatioon from an image (CvMat)
face_contour_detector.gui.image_selection_frame.ImageSelectionFrameThis class is used to display proposals to the user
face_contour_detector.gui.image_settings_frame.ImageSettingsFrameFrame to modify filter parameters
face_contour_detector.image_information.image_information.InformationExtractorThis class is used to extract information from an image using ImageInformation subclasses
face_contour_detector.gui.image_settings_frame.JumpScaleA class that behaves like the Tkinter Scale widget but if you click on it the slider jumps to the clicked position
face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V >KdTree to save n-dimensional point value pairs. This KdTree uses n-dimensional points (type T) as keys to save values (type V)
face_contour_detector::AutoParameterExplorer::ParameterPoint::LessCostsProvides a function to compare two ParameterPoints by costs
face_contour_detector::LimitedPriorityQueueSet< T, Compare >A priority set, which only holds a limited number of entries and sorts itself based on the Compare template argument. It is also a set, which means every entry exists only once
face_contour_detector::filters::ListA list of filters that can save and load parameters automatically
face_contour_detector::filters::MaskBlurA filter which blurs out the areas which are not in the mask Note: This class is not supported by filters::RosServices or filters::List, because filters::Parameter does not support cv::Mat as arguments (yet)
face_contour_detector.image_information.image_information.MinMaxExtractorSubclass of ImageInformation that extracts min / max pixel values from image
face_contour_detector::MultiParameterIteratorAllows to iterate multiple parameter iterators
face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V >::Node
face_contour_detector::ParallelParameterIterator< T >Allows to define a iterator which iterates multiple values of the type T in parallel. This means that every value pointer that has been added will be increased by the stepSize at the same time if Next() is being called
face_contour_detector::filters::ParameterDescribes a parameter of an filter and includes a pointer to set the parameter
face_contour_detector::ParameterIterator< T >Iteratates a value of the type T (the type T must have a normal behavior for the "+=" , "<" and "/" operators)
face_contour_detector::ParameterIteratorIInterface for the filter parameter iterator A filter parameter iterator allows to iterate through a range of values for filter paramters
face_contour_detector::ImageForest::PointA pixel point in the ImageForest
face_contour_detector::PropertiesAllows to open, modify and save a properties file (which stores key/value pairs)
face_contour_detector::filters::ResizeResizes a cv::Mat
face_contour_detector::filters::RosServicesProvides the functionality for the ros services "ApplyFilters" and "GetFilters" The "ApplyFilters" service allow to apply filters to certain areas of an image The "GetFilters" service returns a list of filters which can be used in the "ApplyFilters" service
face_contour_detector::filters::ShowEndpointsMarks the line endpoints in an cv::Mat (debug class for ImageForest) Note: This is a debug class
face_contour_detector.image_information.image_information.SizeExtractorSubclass of ImageInformation that extracts height and width value (names "Height" and "Width"), both of type int
face_contour_detector.image_information.sql_database.SQLImageDatabaseClass that is used to interact with a sqlite database that stores image information
face_contour_detector::AutoParameterExplorer::VectorA n dimensional vector that can be added or generated out of ParameterPoint's
face_contour_detector.image_information.xml_image_information.XMLImageInformationDatabaseClass to read a database from a xml file and to write a database to a xml file
face_contour_detector.image_information.xml_image_information.XMLValueExceptionException that is thrown if an error occured parsing the xml file
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