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Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
face_contour_detector.gui.gui_serviceThis modules initializes a new node that implements the service srv/ContourDetectorGUI
face_contour_detector.gui.image_selection_frameThis package contains only the class ImageSelectionFrame
face_contour_detector.gui.image_settings_frameThis module defines two classes: JumpScale which is a subclass of Tkinter.Scale but jumps to the position where it is clicked instead of moving a fixed amount
face_contour_detector.image_information.face_areasProvides a function to estimate the face area positions
face_contour_detector.image_information.image_informationThis module provides class to extract information from an image (class ImageInformation and InformationExtractor)
face_contour_detector.image_information.sql_databaseThis package contains only one class: SQLImageDatabase
face_contour_detector.image_information.xml_file_bridgeThis package implements the services srv/XMLReader.srv and srv/XMLWriter.srv It is used to save and read image datebase xml files
face_contour_detector.image_information.xml_image_informationThe only classed defined here is XMLImageInformationDatabase - used to save and read image information databases from xml files
face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selectorThis file contains the AutoSelector class which can be used to create filter setting proposals form a knowledge-base
face_contour_detector::learing::k_nearest_neighbourImplementation of the k-nearest-neighbour algorithm
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