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#include <rigidbodyinertia.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

Vector getCOG () const
double getMass () const
RotationalInertia getRotationalInertia () const
RigidBodyInertia RefPoint (const Vector &p)
 RigidBodyInertia (double m=0, const Vector &oc=Vector::Zero(), const RotationalInertia &Ic=RotationalInertia::Zero())
 ~RigidBodyInertia ()

Static Public Member Functions

static RigidBodyInertia Zero ()

Private Member Functions

 RigidBodyInertia (double m, const Vector &h, const RotationalInertia &I, bool mhi)

Private Attributes

Vector h
RotationalInertia I
double m


class ArticulatedBodyInertia
RigidBodyInertia operator* (const Rotation &R, const RigidBodyInertia &I)
RigidBodyInertia operator* (const Frame &T, const RigidBodyInertia &I)
Wrench operator* (const RigidBodyInertia &I, const Twist &t)
RigidBodyInertia operator* (double a, const RigidBodyInertia &I)
RigidBodyInertia operator+ (const RigidBodyInertia &Ia, const RigidBodyInertia &Ib)

Detailed Description

6D Inertia of a rigid body

The inertia is defined in a certain reference point and a certain reference base. The reference point does not have to coincide with the origin of the reference frame.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDL::RigidBodyInertia::RigidBodyInertia ( double  m = 0,
const Vector oc = Vector::Zero(),
const RotationalInertia Ic = RotationalInertia::Zero() 
) [explicit]

This constructor creates a cartesian space inertia matrix, the arguments are the mass, the vector from the reference point to cog and the rotational inertia in the cog.

Definition at line 37 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

KDL::RigidBodyInertia::~RigidBodyInertia (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 54 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

KDL::RigidBodyInertia::RigidBodyInertia ( double  m,
const Vector h,
const RotationalInertia I,
bool  mhi 
) [private]

Definition at line 32 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Vector KDL::RigidBodyInertia::getCOG (  )  const [inline]

Get the center of gravity of the rigid body

Definition at line 99 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

double KDL::RigidBodyInertia::getMass (  )  const [inline]

Get the mass of the rigid body

Definition at line 92 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

RotationalInertia KDL::RigidBodyInertia::getRotationalInertia (  )  const [inline]

Get the rotational inertia expressed in the reference frame (not the cog)

Definition at line 107 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

RigidBodyInertia KDL::RigidBodyInertia::RefPoint ( const Vector p  ) 

Reference point change with v the vector from the old to the new point expressed in the current reference frame

Definition at line 85 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

static RigidBodyInertia KDL::RigidBodyInertia::Zero (  )  [inline, static]

Creates an inertia with zero mass, and zero RotationalInertia

Definition at line 49 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ArticulatedBodyInertia [friend]

Definition at line 117 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

RigidBodyInertia operator* ( const Rotation R,
const RigidBodyInertia I 
) [friend]

Reference frame orientation change Ia = R_a_b*Ib with R_a_b the rotation of b expressed in a

Definition at line 74 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

RigidBodyInertia operator* ( const Frame T,
const RigidBodyInertia I 
) [friend]

Coordinate system transform Ia = T_a_b*Ib with T_a_b the frame from a to b.

Definition at line 56 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

Wrench operator* ( const RigidBodyInertia I,
const Twist t 
) [friend]

calculate spatial momentum: h = I*v make sure that the twist v and the inertia are expressed in the same reference frame/point

Definition at line 52 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

RigidBodyInertia operator* ( double  a,
const RigidBodyInertia I 
) [friend]

Scalar product: I_new = double * I_old

Definition at line 44 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

RigidBodyInertia operator+ ( const RigidBodyInertia Ia,
const RigidBodyInertia Ib 
) [friend]

addition I: I_new = I_old1 + I_old2, make sure that I_old1 and I_old2 are expressed in the same reference frame/point, otherwise the result is worth nothing

Definition at line 48 of file rigidbodyinertia.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 115 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

Definition at line 114 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

double KDL::RigidBodyInertia::m [private]

Definition at line 113 of file rigidbodyinertia.hpp.

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