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namespace  aux


class  BVH
 This class is an implementation of bounding volume hierarchies. Use the build method to construct the data structure. To use the class, construct an std::vector of pointers to BVH::BoundedObject objects and pass it to the build method. BVH::BoundedObject is a template class, so you can save user-defined data in it. More...
class  HoughSpace3D
 HoughSpace3D is a 3D voting space. Cast votes can be interpolated in order to better deal with approximations introduced by bin quantization. A weight can also be associated with each vote. More...
class  Hypothesis
class  HypothesisBase
class  ModelLibrary
class  ObjRecRANSAC
 This is a RANSAC-based 3D object recognition method. Do the following to use it: (i) call addModel() k times with k different models representing the objects to be recognized and (ii) call recognize() with the 3D scene in which the objects should be recognized. Recognition means both object identification and pose (position + orientation) estimation. Check the method descriptions for more details. More...
class  ORRGraph
class  ORROctree
 That's a very specialized and simple octree class. That's the way it is intended to be, that's why no templates and stuff like this. More...
class  ORROctreeZProjection
class  RigidTransformSpace
class  RotationSpace
 This is a class for a discrete representation of the rotation space based on the axis-angle representation. This class is not supposed to be very general. That's why it is dependent on the class ModelLibrary. More...
class  RotationSpaceCell
class  RotationSpaceCellCreator
class  RotationSpaceCreator
class  SimpleOctree
class  TrimmedICP
class  VoxelStructure
 This class is a box in R3 built of voxels ordered in a regular rectangular grid. Each voxel is of type T. More...


typedef SimpleOctree
< RotationSpaceCell,
float > 
typedef SimpleOctree
< RotationSpace,
RotationSpaceCreator, float > 

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