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ompl_interface::JointModelStateSpace Class Reference

#include <joint_model_state_space.h>

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Public Member Functions

 JointModelStateSpace (const ModelBasedStateSpaceSpecification &spec)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ompl_interface::ModelBasedStateSpace
virtual ompl::base::StateSamplerPtr allocDefaultStateSampler () const
virtual ompl::base::State * allocState () const
virtual void copyJointToOMPLState (ompl::base::State *state, const robot_state::RobotState &robot_state, const moveit::core::JointModel *joint_model, int ompl_state_joint_index) const
 Copy a single joint's values (which might have multiple variables) from a MoveIt! robot_state to an OMPL state. More...
virtual void copyState (ompl::base::State *destination, const ompl::base::State *source) const
virtual void copyToOMPLState (ompl::base::State *state, const robot_state::RobotState &rstate) const
 Copy the data from a set of joint states to an OMPL state. More...
virtual void copyToRobotState (robot_state::RobotState &rstate, const ompl::base::State *state) const
 Copy the data from an OMPL state to a set of joint states. More...
virtual void deserialize (ompl::base::State *state, const void *serialization) const
virtual double distance (const ompl::base::State *state1, const ompl::base::State *state2) const
virtual void enforceBounds (ompl::base::State *state) const
virtual bool equalStates (const ompl::base::State *state1, const ompl::base::State *state2) const
virtual void freeState (ompl::base::State *state) const
virtual unsigned int getDimension () const
const robot_model::JointModelGroup * getJointModelGroup () const
const std::string & getJointModelGroupName () const
const robot_model::JointBoundsVectorgetJointsBounds () const
virtual double getMaximumExtent () const
virtual double getMeasure () const
const robot_model::RobotModelConstPtr & getRobotModel () const
virtual unsigned int getSerializationLength () const
const ModelBasedStateSpaceSpecificationgetSpecification () const
double getTagSnapToSegment () const
virtual double * getValueAddressAtIndex (ompl::base::State *state, const unsigned int index) const
virtual void interpolate (const ompl::base::State *from, const ompl::base::State *to, const double t, ompl::base::State *state) const
 ModelBasedStateSpace (const ModelBasedStateSpaceSpecification &spec)
virtual void printSettings (std::ostream &out) const
virtual void printState (const ompl::base::State *state, std::ostream &out) const
virtual bool satisfiesBounds (const ompl::base::State *state) const
virtual void serialize (void *serialization, const ompl::base::State *state) const
void setDistanceFunction (const DistanceFunction &fun)
void setInterpolationFunction (const InterpolationFunction &fun)
virtual void setPlanningVolume (double minX, double maxX, double minY, double maxY, double minZ, double maxZ)
 Set the planning volume for the possible SE2 and/or SE3 components of the state space. More...
void setTagSnapToSegment (double snap)
virtual ~ModelBasedStateSpace ()

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string PARAMETERIZATION_TYPE = "JointModel"

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl_interface::ModelBasedStateSpace
DistanceFunction distance_function_
InterpolationFunction interpolation_function_
std::vector< robot_model::JointModel::Bounds > joint_bounds_storage_
std::vector< const robot_model::JointModel * > joint_model_vector_
ModelBasedStateSpaceSpecification spec_
size_t state_values_size_
double tag_snap_to_segment_
double tag_snap_to_segment_complement_
unsigned int variable_count_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ompl_interface::JointModelStateSpace::JointModelStateSpace ( const ModelBasedStateSpaceSpecification spec)

Definition at line 41 of file joint_model_state_space.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

const std::string ompl_interface::JointModelStateSpace::PARAMETERIZATION_TYPE = "JointModel"

Definition at line 47 of file joint_model_state_space.h.

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