Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SickToolbox::SickPLS::sick_pls_baud_status_tagA structure for aggregating the data that collectively define the baud config
SickToolbox::SickPLS::sick_pls_operating_status_tagA structure for aggregating the data that collectively defines the operating status of the device
SickToolbox::SickPLS::sick_pls_scan_profile_b0_tagA structure for aggregating the data that define a scan profile obtained from reply B0 (See page 49 Telegram listing)
SickToolbox::SickBadChecksumExceptionThrown when a received message has an invalid checksum
SickToolbox::SickBufferMonitor< SICK_MONITOR_CLASS, SICK_MSG_CLASS >
SickToolbox::SickConfigExceptionThrown when the driver detects (or the Sick reports) an invalid config
SickToolbox::SickErrorExceptionThrown when Sick returns an error code or an unexpected response
SickToolbox::SickExceptionProvides a base exception class from which to derive other Sick exceptions
SickToolbox::SickIOExceptionThrown instance where the driver can't read,write,drain,flush,... the buffers
SickToolbox::SickLIDAR< SICK_MONITOR_CLASS, SICK_MSG_CLASS >Provides an abstract parent for all Sick LIDAR devices
SickToolbox::SickMessage< MSG_HEADER_LENGTH, MSG_PAYLOAD_MAX_LENGTH, MSG_TRAILER_LENGTH >Provides an abstract parent for all Sick messages
SickToolbox::SickPLSA general class for interfacing w/ SickPLS laser range finders
SickToolbox::SickPLSBufferMonitorA class for monitoring the receive buffer when interfacing with a Sick PLS LIDAR
SickToolbox::SickPLSMessageA class to represent all messages sent to and from the Sick PLS
SickToolbox::SickThreadExceptionThrown when error occurs during thread initialization, and uninitialization
SickToolbox::SickTimeoutExceptionMakes handling timeouts much easier

Author(s): Aumann Florian, Borella Jocelyn, Dehmani Souheil, Marek Felix, Reckling Reno
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