robot_calibration Documentation

Parameters of the Optimization:

  • joint angle offsets
  • frame 6DOF corrections (currently head pan frame, and camera frame)
  • camera intrinsics (2d & 3d)

Residual Blocks:

  • difference of reprojection through the arm and camera
  • residual blocks that limit offsets from growing outrageously large


  • Capture:
    • move joints to a particular place
    • wait to settle
    • find target (led or checkerboard)
    • write sample to bag file: joint angles, position of targets in camera.
  • Calibrate:
    • load urdf, samples from bag file.
    • create arm and camera reprojection chains.
    • create residual blocks.
    • run calibration.
    • write results to URDF.

Author(s): Michael Ferguson
autogenerated on Fri Sep 1 2023 02:52:01