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map_merge_3d Namespace Reference


class  MapMerge3d
 ROS node class. More...
struct  MapMergingParams
 Parameters for map merging high-level interface. More...


typedef pcl::visualization::PointCloudColorHandlerCustom< PointTColorHandlerT
typedef pcl::PCLPointCloud2 LocalDescriptors
typedef pcl::PCLPointCloud2::ConstPtr LocalDescriptorsConstPtr
typedef pcl::PCLPointCloud2::Ptr LocalDescriptorsPtr
typedef pcl::Normal NormalT
typedef pcl::PointCloud< PointTPointCloud
typedef pcl::PointCloud< PointT >::ConstPtr PointCloudConstPtr
typedef pcl::PointCloud< PointT >::Ptr PointCloudPtr
typedef pcl::PointXYZRGB PointT
typedef pcl::PointCloud< NormalTSurfaceNormals
typedef pcl::PointCloud< NormalT >::ConstPtr SurfaceNormalsConstPtr
typedef pcl::PointCloud< NormalT >::Ptr SurfaceNormalsPtr


PointCloudPtr composeMaps (const std::vector< PointCloudConstPtr > &clouds, const std::vector< Eigen::Matrix4f > &transforms, double resolution)
 Composes the global map. More...
LocalDescriptorsPtr computeLocalDescriptors (const PointCloudConstPtr &points, const SurfaceNormalsPtr &normals, const PointCloudPtr &keypoints, Descriptor descriptor, double feature_radius)
 Compute local feature descriptors around each keypoint. More...
SurfaceNormalsPtr computeSurfaceNormals (const PointCloudConstPtr &input, double radius)
 Estimate cloud surface normals. More...
PointCloudPtr detectKeypoints (const PointCloudConstPtr &points, const SurfaceNormalsPtr &normals, Keypoint type, double threshold, double radius, double resolution)
 Detects keypoints in the pointcloud. More...
PointCloudPtr downSample (const PointCloudConstPtr &input, double resolution)
 Voxelize input pointcloud to reduce number of points. More...
 ENUM_CLASS (EstimationMethod, MATCHING, SAC_IA)
std::vector< Eigen::Matrix4f > estimateMapsTransforms (const std::vector< PointCloudConstPtr > &clouds, const MapMergingParams &params)
 Estimate transformations between n pointclouds. More...
Eigen::Matrix4f estimateTransform (const PointCloudPtr &source_points, const PointCloudPtr &source_keypoints, const LocalDescriptorsPtr &source_descriptors, const PointCloudPtr &target_points, const PointCloudPtr &target_keypoints, const LocalDescriptorsPtr &target_descriptors, EstimationMethod method, bool refine, double inlier_threshold, double max_correspondence_distance, int max_iterations, size_t matching_k, double transform_epsilon)
 Estimate transformation between two pointclouds. More...
Eigen::Matrix4f estimateTransformFromCorrespondences (const PointCloudPtr &source_keypoints, const PointCloudPtr &target_keypoints, const CorrespondencesPtr &correspondences, CorrespondencesPtr &inliers, double inlier_threshold)
 Estimates transformation between source and target pointcloud based on correspondences. More...
Eigen::Matrix4f estimateTransformFromDescriptorsSets (const PointCloudPtr &source_keypoints, const LocalDescriptorsPtr &source_descriptors, const PointCloudPtr &target_keypoints, const LocalDescriptorsPtr &target_descriptors, double min_sample_distance, double max_correspondence_distance, int max_iterations)
 Estimates transformation between source and target pointcloud based on descriptors. More...
Eigen::Matrix4f estimateTransformICP (const PointCloudPtr &source_points, const PointCloudPtr &target_points, const Eigen::Matrix4f &initial_guess, double max_correspondence_distance, double outlier_rejection_threshold, int max_iterations=100, double transformation_epsilon=0.0)
 Use ICP to estimate transform between grids. More...
CorrespondencesPtr findFeatureCorrespondences (const LocalDescriptorsPtr &source_descriptors, const LocalDescriptorsPtr &target_descriptors, size_t k=5)
 Finds correspondences between two sets of feature descriptors. More...
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const MapMergingParams &params)
PointCloudPtr removeOutliers (const PointCloudConstPtr &input, double radius, int min_neighbours)
 Removes outliers from the pointcloud. More...
double transformScore (const PointCloudPtr &source_points, const PointCloudPtr &target_points, const Eigen::Matrix4f &transform, double max_distance)
 Computes euclidean distance between two pointclouds. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ ColorHandlerT

typedef pcl::visualization::PointCloudColorHandlerCustom<PointT> map_merge_3d::ColorHandlerT

Definition at line 36 of file typedefs.h.

◆ LocalDescriptors

typedef pcl::PCLPointCloud2 map_merge_3d::LocalDescriptors

Definition at line 27 of file typedefs.h.

◆ LocalDescriptorsConstPtr

typedef pcl::PCLPointCloud2::ConstPtr map_merge_3d::LocalDescriptorsConstPtr

Definition at line 29 of file typedefs.h.

◆ LocalDescriptorsPtr

typedef pcl::PCLPointCloud2::Ptr map_merge_3d::LocalDescriptorsPtr

Definition at line 28 of file typedefs.h.

◆ NormalT

typedef pcl::Normal map_merge_3d::NormalT

Definition at line 21 of file typedefs.h.

◆ PointCloud

typedef pcl::PointCloud<PointT> map_merge_3d::PointCloud

Definition at line 16 of file typedefs.h.

◆ PointCloudConstPtr

Definition at line 18 of file typedefs.h.

◆ PointCloudPtr

Definition at line 17 of file typedefs.h.

◆ PointT

typedef pcl::PointXYZRGB map_merge_3d::PointT

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◆ SurfaceNormals

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◆ SurfaceNormalsConstPtr

Definition at line 24 of file typedefs.h.

◆ SurfaceNormalsPtr

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