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Map merging

High-level map-merging interface. More...


struct  map_merge_3d::MapMergingParams
 Parameters for map merging high-level interface. More...


PointCloudPtr map_merge_3d::composeMaps (const std::vector< PointCloudConstPtr > &clouds, const std::vector< Eigen::Matrix4f > &transforms, double resolution)
 Composes the global map. More...
std::vector< Eigen::Matrix4f > map_merge_3d::estimateMapsTransforms (const std::vector< PointCloudConstPtr > &clouds, const MapMergingParams &params)
 Estimate transformations between n pointclouds. More...
std::ostream & map_merge_3d::operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const MapMergingParams &params)

Detailed Description

High-level map-merging interface.

High-level interface to estimate transformations between n pointclouds and compositing global map..

Function Documentation

◆ composeMaps()

PointCloudPtr map_merge_3d::composeMaps ( const std::vector< PointCloudConstPtr > &  clouds,
const std::vector< Eigen::Matrix4f > &  transforms,
double  resolution 

Composes the global map.

Pointclouds with zero transformation will be skipped.

cloudsinput clouds
transformsestimated transformations between input clouds
resolutionresolution of the output pointcloud
the global map or nullptr if the input is empty

◆ estimateMapsTransforms()

std::vector<Eigen::Matrix4f> map_merge_3d::estimateMapsTransforms ( const std::vector< PointCloudConstPtr > &  clouds,
const MapMergingParams params 

Estimate transformations between n pointclouds.

Estimation is based on overlapping space. One of the pointclouds will be selected as the reference frame for all the transformations.

cloudsinput pointclouds
paramsparameters for estimation
Estimated transformations pointcloud -> reference frame for each input pointcloud. If the transformation could not estimated, the transformation will be zero matrix for the respective pointcloud.

◆ operator<<()

std::ostream& map_merge_3d::operator<< ( std::ostream &  stream,
const MapMergingParams params 

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