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xpp::RobotStateCartesian Class Reference

Defines a complete robot state in Cartesian space. More...

#include <robot_state_cartesian.h>

Public Member Functions

 RobotStateCartesian (int n_ee)
 Constructs a zero initialized robot state with n_ee endeffectors. More...
 ~RobotStateCartesian ()=default

Public Attributes

State3d base_
EndeffectorsContact ee_contact_
Endeffectors< Vector3dee_forces_
EndeffectorsMotion ee_motion_
double t_global_

Detailed Description

Defines a complete robot state in Cartesian space.

This is the alternative represenation to defining the robot by it's joint angles. Here each endeffector (foot, hand) is given by a 3D-state and joints angles could be obtained through Inverse Kinematics.

see also robot_state_joint.h.

Definition at line 47 of file robot_state_cartesian.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xpp::RobotStateCartesian::RobotStateCartesian ( int  n_ee)

Constructs a zero initialized robot state with n_ee endeffectors.

n_eeNumber of endeffectors.

Definition at line 34 of file

xpp::RobotStateCartesian::~RobotStateCartesian ( )

Member Data Documentation

State3d xpp::RobotStateCartesian::base_

Definition at line 57 of file robot_state_cartesian.h.

EndeffectorsContact xpp::RobotStateCartesian::ee_contact_

Definition at line 60 of file robot_state_cartesian.h.

Endeffectors<Vector3d> xpp::RobotStateCartesian::ee_forces_

Definition at line 59 of file robot_state_cartesian.h.

EndeffectorsMotion xpp::RobotStateCartesian::ee_motion_

Definition at line 58 of file robot_state_cartesian.h.

double xpp::RobotStateCartesian::t_global_

Definition at line 61 of file robot_state_cartesian.h.

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