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 CBaseMotionConstraintKeeps the 6D base motion in a specified range
 CBaseNodesNode variables used to construct the base motion spline
 CBaseStateCan represent the 6Degree-of-Freedom floating base of a robot
 CCentroidalModelCentroidal Dynamics model relating forces to base accelerations
 CCubicHermitePolynomialRepresents a Cubic-Hermite-Polynomial
 CDynamicConstraintEnsure that the optimized motion complies with the system dynamics
 CDynamicModelA interface for the the system dynamics of a legged robot
 CEulerConverterConverts Euler angles and derivatives to angular quantities
 CForceConstraintEnsures foot force that is unilateral and inside friction cone
 CHeightMapHolds the height and slope of the terrain
 CKinematicModelContains all the robot specific kinematic parameters
 CLinearEqualityConstraintCalculates the constraint violations for linear constraints
 CNodeA node represents the state of a trajectory at a specific time
 CNodeCostAssigns a cost to node values
 CNodesPosition and velocity of nodes used to generate a Hermite spline
 CIndexInfoHolds information about the node the optimization index represents
 CNodesObserverBase class to receive up-to-date values of the NodeVariables
 CNodeSplineA spline built from node values and fixed polynomial durations
 CParametersHolds the parameters to tune the optimization problem
 CPhaseDurationsA variable set composed of the phase durations of an endeffector
 CPhaseDurationsObserverBase class to receive up-to-date values of the ContactSchedule
 CPhaseNodesNodes that are associated to either swing or stance phases
 CPolyInfoHolds semantic information each polynomial in spline
 CPhaseSplineA spline built from node values and polynomial durations
 CPolynomialA polynomial of arbitrary order and dimension
 CRangeOfMotionConstraintConstrains an endeffector to lie in a box around the nominal stance
 CRobotModelHolds pointers to the robot specific kinematics and dynamics
 CSoftConstraintConverts a constraint to a cost by weighing the quadratic violations
 CSplineA spline built from a sequence of cubic polynomials
 CSplineAccConstraintEnsures continuous accelerations between polynomials
 CSplineHolderHolds pointers to fully constructed splines, that are linked to the optimization variables
 CStateStores at state comprised of values and higher-order derivatives
 CSwingConstraintConstrains the foot position during the swing-phase
 CTerrainConstraintEnsures the endeffectors always lays on or above terrain height
 CTimeDiscretizationConstraintConstraints evaluated at discretized times along a trajectory
 CTotalDurationConstraintMakes sure all the phase durations sum up to the total time
 CTOWRTOWR - Trajectory Optimizer for Walking Robots

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