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 CMatrix3x3Implements a 3x3 rotation matrix, to perform linear algebra in combination with Quaternion, Transform and Vector3. Make sure to only include a pure orthogonal matrix without scaling
 CMatrix3x3DoubleDataFor serialization
 CMatrix3x3FloatDataFor serialization
 CMessageFilterFollows the patterns set by the message_filters package to implement a filter which only passes messages through once there is transform data available
 CQuaternionThe Quaternion implements quaternion to perform linear algebra rotations in combination with Matrix3x3, Vector3 and Transform
 CStampedThe data type which will be cross compatable with geometry_msgs This is the tf datatype equivilant of a MessageStamped
 CStampedTransformThe Stamped Transform datatype used by tf
 CTimeCacheA class to keep a sorted linked list in time This builds and maintains a list of timestamped data. And provides lookup functions to get data out as a function of time
 CTransformSupports rigid transforms with only translation and rotation and no scaling/shear. It can be used in combination with Vector3, Quaternion and Matrix3x3 linear algebra classes
 CTransformBroadcasterThis class provides an easy way to publish coordinate frame transform information. It will handle all the messaging and stuffing of messages. And the function prototypes lay out all the necessary data needed for each message
 CTransformerA Class which provides coordinate transforms between any two frames in a system
 CTransformFloatDataFor serialization
 CTransformListenerThis class inherits from Transformer and automatically subscribes to ROS transform messages
 CTransformListsAn internal representation of transform chains
 CTransformStorageStorage for transforms and their parent
 CVector3Vector3 can be used to represent 3D points and vectors. It has an un-used w component to suit 16-byte alignment when Vector3 is stored in containers. This extra component can be used by derived classes (Quaternion?) or by user Ideally, this class should be replaced by a platform optimized SIMD version that keeps the data in registers
 CtfTypedObjectRudimentary class to provide type info

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