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 CAttributeConvClass for converting between attribute names (strings) and more effecient attribute types
 CClassModelContains knowledge about a specific object class on where to expect new objects of that class (new) and where not to expect them (clutter). Furthermore, the ClassModel constains prototype state estimators for all possible attributes of the class, which are used for the initialization of object instances of the class
 CEvidenceThe class Evidence represents a set of properties (PropertySet) that all originate from one physical entity in the world from one specific point in time
 CEvidenceSetA set of Evidence items which all originate from the same point int time
 CFixedStateFixedState is a simple wrapper such that probability density function can be threaded as state estimator, i.e., FixedState reflects a state but update, propagation and reset do not influence the state
 CIStateEstimatorBase class for all state estimators used by the world model

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