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drv_mb1030.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "stm32f10x_conf.h"
#include "core_cm3.h"
#include "drv_gpio.h"
#include "drv_timer.h"
#include "drv_pwm.h"
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struct  sonar_t


void mb1030_init ()


static sonar_t sonar_hardware [6]

Function Documentation

void mb1030_init ( )

Definition at line 29 of file drv_mb1030.c.

Variable Documentation

sonar_t sonar_hardware[6]
Initial value:
= {
{ TIM2, GPIOA, Pin_1, TIM_Channel_2, TIM2_IRQn },
{ TIM2, GPIOA, Pin_2, TIM_Channel_3, TIM2_IRQn },
{ TIM2, GPIOA, Pin_3, TIM_Channel_4, TIM2_IRQn },
{ TIM3, GPIOA, Pin_6, TIM_Channel_1, TIM3_IRQn },
{ TIM3, GPIOA, Pin_7, TIM_Channel_2, TIM3_IRQn },
{ TIM3, GPIOB, Pin_0, TIM_Channel_3, TIM3_IRQn },
Definition: drv_gpio.h:44
#define TIM_Channel_3
#define GPIOA
Definition: stm32f4xx.h:2110
#define TIM3
Definition: stm32f4xx.h:2038
#define TIM2
Definition: stm32f4xx.h:2037
#define GPIOB
Definition: stm32f4xx.h:2111
#define TIM_Channel_2
#define TIM_Channel_4
Definition: drv_gpio.h:48
Definition: drv_gpio.h:45
#define TIM_Channel_1
Definition: drv_gpio.h:43
Definition: drv_gpio.h:42
Definition: drv_gpio.h:49

Definition at line 20 of file drv_mb1030.c.

Author(s): Daniel Koch , James Jackson
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