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pilz_industrial_motion_testutils::Gripper Class Reference

#include <gripper.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from pilz_industrial_motion_testutils::Ptp< JointConfiguration, JointConfiguration >
 Ptp ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from pilz_industrial_motion_testutils::BaseCmd< JointConfiguration, JointConfiguration >
 BaseCmd ()
JointConfigurationgetGoalConfiguration ()
const JointConfigurationgetGoalConfiguration () const
JointConfigurationgetStartConfiguration ()
const JointConfigurationgetStartConfiguration () const
void setGoalConfiguration (JointConfigurationgoal)
void setStartConfiguration (JointConfigurationstart)
virtual planning_interface::MotionPlanRequest toRequest () const override
virtual ~BaseCmd ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from pilz_industrial_motion_testutils::MotionCmd
const std::string & getPlanningGroup () const
 MotionCmd ()
void setAccelerationScale (double acceleration_scale)
void setPlanningGroup (const std::string &planning_group)
void setVelocityScale (double velocity_scale)
- Protected Attributes inherited from pilz_industrial_motion_testutils::BaseCmd< JointConfiguration, JointConfiguration >
JointConfiguration goal_
JointConfiguration start_
- Protected Attributes inherited from pilz_industrial_motion_testutils::MotionCmd
double acc_scale_ {1.0}
std::string planning_group_
std::string target_link_
 Link to which all cartesian poses refer to. More...
double vel_scale_ {1.0}

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