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novatel_oem7_driver::Oem7MessageDecoderIf Class Referenceabstract

#include <oem7_message_decoder_if.hpp>

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virtual bool initialize (ros::NodeHandle &nh, Oem7ReceiverIf *recvr, Oem7MessageDecoderUserIf *user)=0
virtual void service ()=0
virtual ~Oem7MessageDecoderIf ()

Detailed Description

Interface for accessing Oem7 message decoder. The user is responsible for initializing it, and calling service from its preferred context. Any callbacks on Oem7RawMessageParserUserIf are made from the service context.

Definition at line 61 of file oem7_message_decoder_if.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual novatel_oem7_driver::Oem7MessageDecoderIf::~Oem7MessageDecoderIf ( )

Definition at line 64 of file oem7_message_decoder_if.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool novatel_oem7_driver::Oem7MessageDecoderIf::initialize ( ros::NodeHandle nh,
Oem7ReceiverIf recvr,
Oem7MessageDecoderUserIf user 
pure virtual

Initializes the parser.

true on success
[in]nhhandle of the owner node. Parser uses it to access ROS environment.
[in]recvrReceiver interface used for data input
[in]userInterface to receiver message callbacks

Implemented in novatel_oem7_driver::Oem7MessageDecoder.

virtual void novatel_oem7_driver::Oem7MessageDecoderIf::service ( )
pure virtual

Message decoder service loop; blocks as long as input is available. Returns when no more input is available; or when ros::ok() returns false.

Implemented in novatel_oem7_driver::Oem7MessageDecoder.

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