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 CBox2DA rotated 2-dimensional box in the plane
 CCircle2DA circle in the plane
 CEllipse2DA rotated 2-dimensional ellipse in the plane
 CLine2DA line in the two-dimensional plane, composed out of two points
 CPoint3DThis class defines a point in the three-dimensional plane
 CPolygon2DA polygon of 2D-points
 CPosition3DA Position with orientation
 CTriggerClass for a simple serializable trigger signal
 CSopasAnswerClass that encapsulates a buffer that was sent as return to a sync call. (variable / method)
 CSopasEventMessageClass that represents a message that was sent by a sensor. (Event message)
 CFloatIntInternal: Structure for reading/writing a float as an UINT32
 CSickThreadWrapper class for posix threads
 CTimerA timer object to measure elapsed time
 CWatchdogTimerA timer object to compare elapsed time against a timeout value

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