func-common.h File Reference
#include "../test.h"
#include "librealsense2/rs.hpp"
#include <condition_variable>
#include "hw-monitor.h"
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void do_while_streaming (rs2::sensor depth_sens, std::vector< stream_profile > profiles, std::function< void() > action)
void exit_if_fw_version_is_under (rs2::device &dev, librealsense::firmware_version version)
stream_profile find_confidence_corresponding_to_depth (rs2::depth_sensor depth_sens, stream_profile depth_profile)
stream_profile find_default_depth_profile (rs2::depth_sensor depth_sens)
stream_profile find_default_ir_profile (rs2::depth_sensor depth_sens)
rs2::device_list find_devices_by_product_line_or_exit (int product)
rs2::device find_first_device_by_name_or_exit (const std::string &dev_name)
rs2::device find_first_device_or_exit ()
rs2::depth_sensor find_first_supported_depth_sensor_or_exit (const std::string &dev_name, rs2_option opt)
stream_profile find_profile (rs2::depth_sensor depth_sens, rs2_stream stream, rs2_sensor_mode mode)
rs2::stream_profile get_profile_by_stream_parameters (rs2::sensor s, rs2_stream stream=RS2_STREAM_ANY, rs2_format format=RS2_FORMAT_ANY, int width=-1, int height=-1, int fps=-1, int stream_index=-1)
void remove_all_streams_arrived (rs2::frame f, std::vector< rs2::stream_profile > &expected_streams)
template<class T >
void start_default_l500_depth_profiles (rs2::depth_sensor depth_sens, T callback, bool with_confidence=false)

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void do_while_streaming ( rs2::sensor  depth_sens,
std::vector< stream_profile profiles,
std::function< void() >  action 

Definition at line 214 of file func-common.h.

void exit_if_fw_version_is_under ( rs2::device dev,
librealsense::firmware_version  version 

Definition at line 38 of file func-common.h.

stream_profile find_confidence_corresponding_to_depth ( rs2::depth_sensor  depth_sens,
stream_profile  depth_profile 

Definition at line 148 of file func-common.h.

stream_profile find_default_depth_profile ( rs2::depth_sensor  depth_sens)

Definition at line 120 of file func-common.h.

stream_profile find_default_ir_profile ( rs2::depth_sensor  depth_sens)

Definition at line 134 of file func-common.h.

rs2::device_list find_devices_by_product_line_or_exit ( int  product)

Definition at line 24 of file func-common.h.

rs2::device find_first_device_by_name_or_exit ( const std::string dev_name)

Definition at line 54 of file func-common.h.

rs2::device find_first_device_or_exit ( )

Definition at line 12 of file func-common.h.

rs2::depth_sensor find_first_supported_depth_sensor_or_exit ( const std::string dev_name,
rs2_option  opt 

Definition at line 77 of file func-common.h.

stream_profile find_profile ( rs2::depth_sensor  depth_sens,
rs2_stream  stream,
rs2_sensor_mode  mode 

Definition at line 187 of file func-common.h.

rs2::stream_profile get_profile_by_stream_parameters ( rs2::sensor  s,
rs2_stream  stream = RS2_STREAM_ANY,
rs2_format  format = RS2_FORMAT_ANY,
int  width = -1,
int  height = -1,
int  fps = -1,
int  stream_index = -1 

Definition at line 227 of file func-common.h.

void remove_all_streams_arrived ( rs2::frame  f,
std::vector< rs2::stream_profile > &  expected_streams 

Definition at line 94 of file func-common.h.

template<class T >
void start_default_l500_depth_profiles ( rs2::depth_sensor  depth_sens,
bool  with_confidence = false 

Definition at line 168 of file func-common.h.

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