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rs2::option_model Class Reference

#include <model-views.h>

Public Member Functions

bool draw (std::string &error_message, notifications_model &model, bool new_line=true, bool use_option_name=true)
bool draw_option (bool update_read_only_options, bool is_streaming, std::string &error_message, notifications_model &model)
void set_option (rs2_option opt, float value, std::string &error_message)
void update_all_fields (std::string &error_message, notifications_model &model)
void update_read_only_status (std::string &error_message)
void update_supported (std::string &error_message)

Public Attributes

std::function< bool(option_model &, std::string &, notifications_model &)> custom_draw_method = nullptr
bool edit_mode = false
std::string edit_value = ""
std::shared_ptr< optionsendpoint
std::string id = ""
bool * invalidate_flag = nullptr
std::string label = ""
rs2_option opt
option_range range
bool read_only = false
bool supported = false
float value = 0.0f

Private Member Functions

bool allow_change (float val, std::string &error_message) const
bool is_all_integers () const
bool is_checkbox () const
bool is_enum () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 310 of file model-views.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool rs2::option_model::allow_change ( float  val,
std::string error_message 
) const

Definition at line 912 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::option_model::draw ( std::string error_message,
notifications_model model,
bool  new_line = true,
bool  use_option_name = true 

Definition at line 553 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::option_model::draw_option ( bool  update_read_only_options,
bool  is_streaming,
std::string error_message,
notifications_model model 

Definition at line 2155 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::option_model::is_all_integers ( ) const

Definition at line 887 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::option_model::is_checkbox ( ) const

Definition at line 905 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::option_model::is_enum ( ) const

Definition at line 893 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::option_model::set_option ( rs2_option  opt,
float  value,
std::string error_message 

Definition at line 2177 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::option_model::update_all_fields ( std::string error_message,
notifications_model model 

Definition at line 864 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::option_model::update_read_only_status ( std::string error_message)

Definition at line 852 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::option_model::update_supported ( std::string error_message)

Definition at line 840 of file model-views.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::function<bool(option_model&, std::string&, notifications_model&)> rs2::option_model::custom_draw_method = nullptr

Definition at line 331 of file model-views.h.

subdevice_model* rs2::option_model::dev

Definition at line 330 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::option_model::edit_mode = false

Definition at line 332 of file model-views.h.

std::string rs2::option_model::edit_value = ""

Definition at line 333 of file model-views.h.

std::shared_ptr<options> rs2::option_model::endpoint

Definition at line 323 of file model-views.h.

std::string rs2::option_model::id = ""

Definition at line 329 of file model-views.h.

bool* rs2::option_model::invalidate_flag = nullptr

Definition at line 324 of file model-views.h.

std::string rs2::option_model::label = ""

Definition at line 328 of file model-views.h.

rs2_option rs2::option_model::opt

Definition at line 321 of file model-views.h.

option_range rs2::option_model::range

Definition at line 322 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::option_model::read_only = false

Definition at line 326 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::option_model::supported = false

Definition at line 325 of file model-views.h.

float rs2::option_model::value = 0.0f

Definition at line 327 of file model-views.h.

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