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 CCurvatureEstimationTaubinCurvatureEstimationTaubin estimates the curvature for a set of point neighborhoods in the cloud using Taubin Quadric Fitting. This class uses the OpenMP standard to permit parallelized feature computation
 CAffordancesAffordances localizes grasp affordances and handles in a point cloud. It also provides helper methods to filter out points from the point cloud that are outside of the robot's workspace
 CCylindricalShellCylindricalShell represents a cylindrical shell that consists of two colinear cylinders. A shell consists of an inner and an outer cylinder. The portion of the object to be grasped must fit inside the inner cylinder, and the radius of that cylinder must be no larger than the maximum hand aperture. The gap between the inner and outer cylinder must be free of obstacles and wide enough to be able to contain the robot fingers
 CMessagesMessages creates custom ROS messages to publish the results of the localization. The messages that can be created are: CylinderArray, Cylinder, and HandleList
 CSamplingSampling localizes grasp affordances using importance sampling
 CSamplingVisualizerSamplingVisualizer visualizes individual steps of importance sampling. This can be used to illustrate the different sampling methods
 CVisualizerVisualizer creates ROS messages to visualize the results of the localization in RViz. The possible objects that can be visualized are: neighborhoods, cylindrical shells, and handles

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