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moveit_ros_control_interface Namespace Reference


class  ControllerHandleAllocator
class  JointTrajectoryControllerAllocator
 Simple allocator for moveit_simple_controller_manager::FollowJointTrajectoryControllerHandle instances. More...
class  MoveItControllerManager
 moveit_controller_manager::MoveItControllerManager sub class that interfaces one ros_control controller_manager instance. All services and names are relative to ns_. More...
class  MoveItMultiControllerManager
 MoveItMultiControllerManager discovers all running ros_control node and delegates member function to the corresponding MoveItControllerManager instances. More...


bool checkTimeout (ros::Time &t, double timeout, bool force=false)
 check for timeout
 MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD (ControllerHandleAllocator)
 MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD (MoveItControllerManager)

Function Documentation

bool moveit_ros_control_interface::checkTimeout ( ros::Time t,
double  timeout,
bool  force = false 

check for timeout

ttimestamp to check, is update if timeout duration was passed
[in]timeouttimeout duration in seconds
[in]forceforce timeout
True if timeout duration was passed

Definition at line 64 of file controller_manager_plugin.cpp.

moveit_ros_control_interface::MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD ( ControllerHandleAllocator  )

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