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mavros::ftp Namespace Reference


class  FTPFile


def _check_raise_errno
def _get_proxy
def checksum
def listdir
def mkdir
def open
def rename
def reset_server
def rmdir
def unlink


tuple __all__

Function Documentation

def mavros.ftp._check_raise_errno (   ret) [private]

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def mavros.ftp._get_proxy (   service,
) [private]

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def mavros.ftp.checksum (   path)
Calculate CRC32 for :path:

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def mavros.ftp.listdir (   path)
List directory :path: contents

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def mavros.ftp.mkdir (   path)
Create directory :path:

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def (   path,
Open file on FCU

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def mavros.ftp.rename (   old_path,
Rename :old_path: to :new_path:

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def mavros.ftp.rmdir (   path)
Remove directory :path:

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def mavros.ftp.unlink (   path)
Remove :path: file

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Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 (
00002     'FTPFile',
00003     'open',
00004     'listdir',
00005     'unlink',
00006     'mkdir',
00007     'rmdir',
00008     'rename',
00009     'checksum',
00010     'reset_server'
00011 )

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