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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
array_parser.cpp [code]
array_parser.h [code]
array_parser_test.cpp [code]
cost_values.h [code]
costmap_2d.cpp [code]
costmap_2d.h [code]
costmap_2d_cloud.cpp [code]
costmap_2d_markers.cpp [code]
costmap_2d_node.cpp [code]
costmap_2d_publisher.cpp [code]
costmap_2d_publisher.h [code]
costmap_2d_ros.cpp [code]
costmap_2d_ros.h [code]
costmap_layer.cpp [code]
costmap_layer.h [code]
costmap_math.cpp [code]
costmap_math.h [code]
costmap_tester.cpp [code]
footprint.cpp [code]
footprint.h [code]
footprint_tests.cpp [code]
inflation_layer.cpp [code]
inflation_layer.h [code]
inflation_tests.cpp [code]
layer.cpp [code]
layer.h [code]
layered_costmap.cpp [code]
layered_costmap.h [code]
module_tests.cpp [code]
observation.h [code]
observation_buffer.cpp [code]
observation_buffer.h [code]
obstacle_layer.cpp [code]
obstacle_layer.h [code]
obstacle_tests.cpp [code]
static_layer.cpp [code]
static_layer.h [code]
static_tests.cpp [code]
testing_helper.h [code]
voxel_layer.cpp [code]
voxel_layer.h [code]

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