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cloud_filter.h File Reference
#include <pcl/apps/optronic_viewer/qt.h>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <pcl/io/openni_grabber.h>
#include <pcl/visualization/pcl_visualizer.h>
#include <fz_api.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::CloudFilter
 Interface for a class that implements a filter for a point cloud. More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::CloudFilterFactory
 Factory class to create a filter. More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::CloudFilterFactory2< T, name >
 Helper class for the factory to simplify implementation of new cloud filters. This class makes the implementation of a separate factory class obsolete, e.g.: More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::FastBilateralCF
 Wrapper for the fast-bilateral filter. Applies the fast- bilateral filter on a cloud for smoothing. More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::MedianCF
 Wrapper for a Median filter. Applies the Median filter on a cloud. More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::PassThroughCF
 Wrapper for a pass-through filter. Removes all points that are out of a specified range for a specified component (e.g. x, y, or z). More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::PlaneCF
 Wrapper for a filter that finds the dominant plane in the cloud and either keeps only the plane or everything else. More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::RadiusOutlierCF
 Wrapper for a radius-outlier filter. Removes all points that have less than a specified number of points as neighbors (within a specified radius). More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::RandomSampleCF
 Wrapper for a random sample filter. Selects a random sample of points from the input cloud. More...
class  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::VoxelGridCF
 Wrapper for a voxel grid filter. Divides the space in voxels and takes a point per voxel. More...


namespace  pcl
namespace  pcl::apps
namespace  pcl::apps::optronic_viewer


typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< FastBilateralCF,
g_fast_bilateral_cf_name > 
typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< MedianCF, g_median_cf_name > 
typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< PassThroughCF,
g_passthrough_cf_name > 
typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< PlaneCF, g_plane_cf_name > 
typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< RadiusOutlierCF,
g_radius_outlier_cf_name > 
typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< RandomSampleCF,
g_random_sample_cf_name > 
typedef CloudFilterFactory2
< VoxelGridCF,
g_voxel_grid_cf_name > 


char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_fast_bilateral_cf_name [] = "Fast Bilateral Filter"
char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_median_cf_name [] = "Median Filter"
char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_passthrough_cf_name [] = "PassThrough Filter"
char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_plane_cf_name [] = "Plane Filter"
char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_radius_outlier_cf_name [] = "RadiusOutlier Filter"
char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_random_sample_cf_name [] = "Random Sample Filter"
char pcl::apps::optronic_viewer::g_voxel_grid_cf_name [] = "VoxelGrid Filter"

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