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laser_geometry.laser_geometry.LaserProjection Class Reference

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class  ChannelOption

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def __init__
def projectLaser

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def __projectLaser

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A class to Project Laser Scan

This calls will project laser scans into point clouds. It caches
unit vectors between runs (provided the angular resolution of
your scanner is not changing) to avoid excess computation.

By default all range values less thatn the scanner min_range,
greater than the scanner max_range are removed from the generated
point cloud, as these are assumed to be invalid.

If it is important to preserve a mapping between the index of
range values and points in the cloud, the recommended approach is to
pre-filter your laser scan message to meet the requirement that all
ranges are between min and max_range.

The generate PointClouds have a number of channels which can be enabled
through the use of ChannelOption.
- ChannelOption.INTENSITY - Create a channel named "intensities" with the
intensity of the return for each point.
- ChannelOption.INDEX     - Create a channel named "index" containing the
index from the original array for each point.
- ChannelOption.DISTANCE  - Create a channel named "distance" containing
the distance from the laser to each point.
- ChannelOption.TIMESTAMP - Create a channel named "stamps" containing the
specific timestamp at which each point was measured.

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def laser_geometry.laser_geometry.LaserProjection.__projectLaser (   self,
) [private]

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def laser_geometry.laser_geometry.LaserProjection.projectLaser (   self,
  range_cutoff = -1.0,
  channel_options = ChannelOption.DEFAULT 
Project a sensor_msgs::LaserScan into a sensor_msgs::PointCloud2.

Project a single laser scan from a linear array into a 3D
point cloud. The generated cloud will be in the same frame
as the original laser scan.

Keyword arguments:
scan_in -- The input laser scan.
range_cutoff -- An additional range cutoff which can be
    applied which is more limiting than max_range in the scan
    (default -1.0).
channel_options -- An OR'd set of channels to include.

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