Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FingerHandCalculate collision-free fingers
GraspHypothesisGrasp hypothesis data structure
GraspLocalizerRepeatedly search for antipodal grasps in point clouds
HandleHandle data structure
HandleSearchSearch handles given grasp hypotheses
HandSearchSearch for grasp hypotheses
Learning::InstanceLearning instance representing a grasp hypothesis
HandleSearch::LastElementComparatorComparator for equality of the last element of two 2D-vectors
LearningTrain and use an SVM to predict antipodal grasps
LocalizationHigh level interface for the localization of grasp hypotheses and handles
GraspLocalizer::ParametersParameters for hand search and handle search
QuadricQuadratic surface fit and local axes estimation
RotatingHandCalculate collision-free grasp hypotheses that fit a point neighborhood
Localization::UniqueVectorComparatorComparator for checking uniqueness of two 3D-vectors
Learning::UniqueVectorComparatorComparator for 2D vectors
HandleSearch::VectorFirstTwoElementsComparatorComparator for equality of the first two elements of two 3D-vectors

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