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HandleSearch Class Reference

Search handles given grasp hypotheses. More...

#include <handle_search.h>

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struct  LastElementComparator
 Comparator for equality of the last element of two 2D-vectors. More...
struct  VectorFirstTwoElementsComparator
 Comparator for equality of the first two elements of two 3D-vectors. More...

Public Member Functions

std::vector< HandlefindHandles (const std::vector< GraspHypothesis > &hand_list, int min_inliers, double min_length)
 Search for handles given a list of grasp hypotheses.
void plotHandles (const std::vector< Handle > &handle_list, const PointCloud::Ptr &cloud, std::string str)
 Plot a list of handles.

Private Member Functions

double safeAcos (double x)
 Safe version of the acos(x) function.
bool shortenHandle (std::vector< Eigen::Vector2d > &inliers, double gap_threshold)
 Shorten a handle to a continuous piece.

Detailed Description

Search handles given grasp hypotheses.

HandleSearch class

This class searches for handles, i.e., clusters of grasps that are geometrically aligned. It can also plot the results of this search.

Definition at line 54 of file handle_search.h.

Member Function Documentation

std::vector< Handle > HandleSearch::findHandles ( const std::vector< GraspHypothesis > &  hand_list,
int  min_inliers,
double  min_length 

Search for handles given a list of grasp hypotheses.

hand_listthe list of grasp hypotheses
min_inliersthe minimum number of grasp hypothesis contained in a handle
min_lengththe minimum length of a handle
the list of handles found

Definition at line 4 of file handle_search.cpp.

void HandleSearch::plotHandles ( const std::vector< Handle > &  handle_list,
const PointCloud::Ptr &  cloud,
std::string  str 

Plot a list of handles.

handle_listthe list of handles to be plotted
cloudthe cloud to be plotted
strthe title of the plotting window

Definition at line 120 of file handle_search.cpp.

double HandleSearch::safeAcos ( double  x) [private]

Safe version of the acos(x) function.

xthe value whose arc cosine is computed
the arc cosine of x, expressed in radians

Definition at line 229 of file handle_search.cpp.

bool HandleSearch::shortenHandle ( std::vector< Eigen::Vector2d > &  inliers,
double  gap_threshold 
) [private]

Shorten a handle to a continuous piece.

This function finds continuous handles by searching for a gap that is larger than gap_threshold.

inliersthe list of grasp hypotheses that are part of the handle to be shortened
gap_thresholdthe maximum gap size
the shortened handle

Definition at line 92 of file handle_search.cpp.

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