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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
antipodal.cpp [code]
antipodal.h [code]
antipodal_test.cpp [code]
find_grasps.cpp [code]
finger_hand.cpp [code]
finger_hand.h [code]
grasp_hypothesis.cpp [code]
grasp_hypothesis.h [code]
grasp_localizer.cpp [code]
grasp_localizer.h [code]
hand_search.cpp [code]
hand_search.h [code]
handle.cpp [code]
handle.h [code]
handle_search.cpp [code]
handle_search.h [code]
hands_test.cpp [code]
learning.cpp [code]
learning.h [code]
learning_test.cpp [code]
localization.cpp [code]
localization.h [code]
opencv_test.cpp [code]
plot.cpp [code]
plot.h [code]
quadric.cpp [code]
quadric.h [code]
rotating_hand.cpp [code]
rotating_hand.h [code]
test.cpp [code]
test_local_axes.cpp [code]
test_taubin.cpp [code]
train.cpp [code]

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