Class SceneObject

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class SceneObject

Abstract base class for objects to be drawn in the ViewerWidget.

Subclassed by octomap::OcTreeDrawer, octomap::ScanGraphDrawer

Public Types

enum ColorMode


enumerator CM_FLAT
enumerator CM_PRINTOUT
enumerator CM_COLOR_HEIGHT
enumerator CM_GRAY_HEIGHT
enumerator CM_SEMANTIC

Public Functions

inline virtual ~SceneObject()
virtual void draw() const = 0

Actual draw function which will be called to visualize the object

inline virtual void clear()

Clears the object’s representation (will be called when it gets invalid)

inline void setColorMode(ColorMode mode)

the color mode has to be set before calling OcTreDrawer::setMap() because the cubes are generated in OcTreDrawer::setMap() using the color information

inline void enablePrintoutMode(bool enabled = true)
inline void enableHeightColorMode(bool enabled = true)
inline void enableSemanticColoring(bool enabled = true)

Protected Functions

void heightMapColor(double h, GLfloat *glArrayPos) const

writes rgb values which correspond to a rel. height in the map. (glArrayPos needs to have at least size 3!)

void heightMapGray(double h, GLfloat *glArrayPos) const

Protected Attributes

double m_zMin
double m_zMax
ColorMode m_colorMode