Class TrajectoryDrawer

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class TrajectoryDrawer : public octomap::ScanGraphDrawer

Public Functions

TrajectoryDrawer(const ScanGraph &graph)
virtual ~TrajectoryDrawer()
virtual void draw() const

Actual draw function which will be called to visualize the object

virtual void clear()

Clears the object’s representation (will be called when it gets invalid)

virtual void setScanGraph(const octomap::ScanGraph &graph)

Notifies drawer of a new or changed ScanGraph, so that the internal representation can be rebuilt. Needs to be overloaded by each specific drawer.


graphScanGraph to be visualized

Protected Attributes

GLfloat *m_trajectoryVertexArray
GLfloat *m_trajectoryColorArray
unsigned int m_trajectorySize

number of nodes in the ScanGraph