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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
base_local_planner::CostmapModelA class that implements the WorldModel interface to provide grid based collision checks for the trajectory controller using the costmap
ros::message_traits::DataType< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
ros::message_traits::Definition< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
ros::message_traits::IsFixedSize< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
ros::message_traits::IsMessage< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
ros::message_traits::IsMessage< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator >const >
base_local_planner::LocalPlannerUtilHelper class implementing infrastructure code many local planner implementations may need
base_local_planner::MapCellStores path distance and goal distance information used for scoring trajectories
base_local_planner::MapGridA grid of MapCell cells that is used to propagate path and goal distances for the trajectory controller
ros::message_traits::MD5Sum< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
base_local_planner::ObstacleCostFunctionUses costmap 2d to assign negative costs if robot footprint is in obstacle on any point of the trajectory
base_local_planner::PlanarLaserScanStores a scan from a planar laser that can be used to clear freespace
base_local_planner::PointGridA class that implements the WorldModel interface to provide free-space collision checks for the trajectory controller. This class stores points binned into a grid and performs point-in-polygon checks when necessary to determine the legality of a footprint at a given position/orientation
base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator >
ros::message_operations::Printer< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
ros::serialization::Serializer< ::base_local_planner::Position2DInt_< ContainerAllocator > >
base_local_planner::SimpleScoredSamplingPlannerGenerates a local plan using the given generator and cost functions. Assumes less cost are best, and negative costs indicate infinite costs
base_local_planner::TrajectoryHolds a trajectory generated by considering an x, y, and theta velocity
base_local_planner::TrajectoryCostFunctionProvides an interface for critics of trajectories During each sampling run, a batch of many trajectories will be scored using such a cost function. The prepare method is called before each batch run, and then for each trajectory of the sampling set, score_trajectory may be called
base_local_planner::TrajectoryPlannerComputes control velocities for a robot given a costmap, a plan, and the robot's position in the world
base_local_planner::TrajectoryPlannerROSA ROS wrapper for the trajectory controller that queries the param server to construct a controller
base_local_planner::TrajectorySampleGeneratorProvides an interface for navigation trajectory generators
base_local_planner::TrajectorySearchInterface for modules finding a trajectory to use for navigation commands next
base_local_planner::VoxelGridModelA class that implements the WorldModel interface to provide grid based collision checks for the trajectory controller using a 3D voxel grid
base_local_planner::WorldModelAn interface the trajectory controller uses to interact with the world regardless of the underlying world model

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