streamer.cpp File Reference

Definitions for the STREAMER node. More...

#include "streamer.hpp"
#include "cxcore.h"
#include "highgui.h"
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void displayTermiosData (termios options)
int getMapIndex (string mapping)
void getMapping (int mapIndex, bool extremes, int &mapCode, int &mapParam)
int main (int argc, char **argv)
void mySigintHandler (int sig)
void set_blocking (int fd, int should_block)

Detailed Description

Definitions for the STREAMER node.

Definition in file streamer.cpp.

Function Documentation

void displayTermiosData ( termios  options)

Definition at line 3893 of file streamer.cpp.

int getMapIndex ( string  mapping)

Definition at line 3795 of file streamer.cpp.

void getMapping ( int  mapIndex,
bool  extremes,
int &  mapCode,
int &  mapParam 

Definition at line 3271 of file streamer.cpp.

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 10 of file streamer.cpp.

void mySigintHandler ( int  sig)

Definition at line 100 of file streamer.cpp.

void set_blocking ( int  fd,
int  should_block 

Definition at line 3844 of file streamer.cpp.

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