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pr2_playpen::get_gripper_position Namespace Reference


def get_data
def is_topic_pub


dictionary dist_dict = {}
tuple f_hand = open(path+'/object'+str(i).zfill(3)+'_gripper_dist.pkl', 'w')
string f_path = '/object'
int j = 0
tuple listener = tf.TransformListener()
list path = sys.argv[1]
tuple rate = rospy.Rate(100.0)

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def pr2_playpen.get_gripper_position.get_data (   listener,

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tuple pr2_playpen::get_gripper_position::f_hand = open(path+'/object'+str(i).zfill(3)+'_gripper_dist.pkl', 'w')

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tuple pr2_playpen::get_gripper_position::rate = rospy.Rate(100.0)

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Author(s): Marc Killpack /, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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