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geometric_shapes.h File Reference
#include "fcl/collision_object.h"
#include "fcl/math/vec_3f.h"
#include <string.h>
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class  fcl::Box
 Center at zero point, axis aligned box. More...
class  fcl::Capsule
 Center at zero point capsule. More...
class  fcl::Cone
 Center at zero cone. More...
class  fcl::Convex
 Convex polytope. More...
class  fcl::Cylinder
 Center at zero cylinder. More...
struct  fcl::Convex::Edge
class  fcl::Halfspace
 Half Space: this is equivalent to the Plane in ODE. The separation plane is defined as n * x = d; Points in the negative side of the separation plane (i.e. {x | n * x < d}) are inside the half space and points in the positive side of the separation plane (i.e. {x | n * x > d}) are outside the half space. More...
class  fcl::Plane
 Infinite plane. More...
class  fcl::ShapeBase
 Base class for all basic geometric shapes. More...
class  fcl::Sphere
 Center at zero point sphere. More...
class  fcl::Triangle2
 Triangle stores the points instead of only indices of points. More...


namespace  fcl

Main namespace.

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