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#include "navigator_internal.h"
#include "obstacle.h"
#include "Controller.h"
#include "course.h"
#include "parking.h"
#include <art_map/rotate_translate_transform.h>
#include <art/steering.h>
#include "safety.h"
#include "stop.h"
#include "halt.h"
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poly adjust_spot_and_return_poly (WayPointNode &p1, WayPointNode &p2, float dx, float dy)
int find_spot (const std::vector< WayPointNode > &new_waypts)
float real_random (float multi=1.0)

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poly adjust_spot_and_return_poly ( WayPointNode p1,
WayPointNode p2,
float  dx,
float  dy 

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int find_spot ( const std::vector< WayPointNode > &  new_waypts)

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float real_random ( float  multi = 1.0) [inline]

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